What does asbestos look like? How can I find asbestos on my property? These are a questions we are often asked. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer as asbestos can take on many forms.

Asbestos is a group of fibrous silicate minerals that naturally occur as bundles. Asbestos was extensively mined around the world, with South Africa leading the production of asbestos in the mid to late 1900s.

Due to its ability to withstand high temperatures, harsh weather conditions, and corrosive chemicals, asbestos was widely used in the manufacturing of a range of building materials including roof tiles, cement, flooring and ceiling boards as well as woven materials like mats and most commonly, insulation. The tiny fibres that makeup asbestos were often added to materials to make them stronger and hardier. As it often became part of the actual materials, asbestos comes in many different shapes and is not always easy to find asbestos on your property.

Cape Town-based CTW Construction’s highly skilled asbestos removal team can help. We do inspections of your property and identify any asbestos exposure risks that may be present. In some cases, we take samples of the material in question and send it for laboratory testing to be certain of contamination. Once we have done a thorough inspection, and we are positive that there is a risk of asbestos contamination, we will work out what the best method for the removal of the asbestos will

When removing asbestos, we always ensure that we mitigate any risks to you and your family or employees. Our team is experienced in the safe removal of asbestos and we dispose of all contaminated waste at specially demarcated sites around the Western Cape. We are also able to replace any roofing, ceilings, woodwork or insulation in the area where the asbestos has been removed.

For more information about our offering, visit our Asbestos Removal page or contact Greg on greg@ctwconstruction.co.za.