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Your Search for Waterproofing Contractors In Cape Town Ends Here.

As leading waterproofing contractors in Cape Town, we have the skills, methods, products and the experience to ensure that you get the very best solution and service for all your waterproofing needs. One of the most important aspects of any building is the waterproofing and damp management. Cape Waterproofing Works, our specialist division, provides expert solutions for newbuilds, renovations and failed waterproofing, whether for your residential or commercial property. We also offer various other services such as roofing. You can find stunning pergolas in Cape Town at CTW Construction Group too.

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Reliable Waterproofing in Cape Town at Affordable Rates.

We make use of the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure a long-lasting result and that your property is properly protected from leaks and water damage. As an accredited Kryton waterproofing contractor we are able to offer concrete repair solutions using the latest crystalline technology that has unmatched performance. With this technology we are able to stop actively flowing water through cracks in concrete from the negative (the opposite side of the structure that the water is penetrating) side.

Using liquid polyurethane solutions and methods is relatively new to waterproofing in Cape Town and in our opinion is superior to old traditional methods for the following reasons, it is seamless (there are no joins in the membrane), it has superior elongation properties thus handling movement in the substrate better and therefore we use it extensively. Often it is not possible to waterproof a structure from the positive side (the side that the water penetrates the structure) and negative waterproofing is required. Our cementitious products and methods cater for these situations.

Our Service Offering Includes:

Flat Roofs

Pitched Tiled Roofs

Concrete Decks






Box Gutters

Our team has undergone extensive training and are accredited applicators of leading manufacturers of waterproofing products to ensure that we deliver the highest quality waterproofing solutions.

We do not believe in quick fixes, patch jobs or shortcuts, as these can leave your home or business premises vulnerable to water damage. We believe in belts and braces. CTW Construction ensures that your property is fully waterproofed using sophisticated technology and products. Over the years waterproofing systems and methods around the world have advanced dramatically and CTW Construction has aligned ourselves to keep abreast of these changes and are able to offer the most advanced systems available.

Our superior services as a waterproofing contractor in Cape Town are not only supported by years of industry experience. We are fully accredited with a number of companies. Currently, CTW Group is accredited with ABE Waterproofing Products and Construction chemicals, The Waterproofing Centre, Sika, Alchimica and Kryton waterproofing products. If your property has an issue with leaks or damp, give us a call. We will do a thorough inspection of your property and make suggestions regarding the best solutions for you. Our work is guaranteed!

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